Princess Libby – Tea Party

Updated :   Feb 7, 2015
Version :   1.0.1
Size :   104.4 MB
Language :   English, Simplified Chinese

“Hear Ye! Hear Ye!” Calling for all your attention, Princess Libby is gonna hold a royal tea party!
All the princes and princesses are invited! It is the first time that our Princess Libby becomes the host. With excitement as well as tension, little princess is so busy preparing for goodies: cakes, macarons, juice and so on. It is really a grand feast! Princess Libby almost keeps her hands more than full, but it’s far from well-prepared, oh~ the party is about to begin, IT IS REALLY AN EMERGANCY! Will you do her a favor? Come on, it will be the most memorable tea party with your help. Just set the table, place the desserts and get ready to welcome the guests!
Oh~ Look! The guests are arriving, invite them to have a seat and serve them the delicacies. Yum…the desserts and drinks have ran out so quickly, which obviously means the highest marks among the guests! And in appreciation of your tasty tea snacks, they all give you loving hearts. Hurry to collect them as many as you can, with which you can exchange beautiful dresses for Princess Libby. Aha~You can’t wait to see her surprising expression, can you?

How to play:
Open the game and click the icon to start. Slide the screen to the right, you will find the guests all seated. Please click the bubbles above and check what they need. Then you can make whatever they want with the tips. When you’ve done, drag the food to your guests, they will definitely love it. How do I know? See~ The empty dessert trays and jugs prove how popular these snacks are! You’d better cook more! Here we go~ Oops, the table is so messy that there is little room for the freshly desserts. Click the dirty plate, then you can classify the dishes and clean up the dirty table. After that, you can also click the icon on the top right corner to rearrange the tea party in your flavors. Wow~ Welcome back to the brand new party! And sweeties, your hard work totally pays off, look at these loving hearts you’ve earned. Now please click Princess Libby to see what will happen. YES! You can use these loving hearts to exchange beautiful dress-up for her! This is super excellent! Would you like our princess Libby to wear the most beautiful dress with your efforts? Come and earn more loving hearts for her!

– 14 interesting games bring fun-filled experience
– 9 delicate tea snacks show the luxury royal style
– The glorious tea party decorations are freely to choose
– The elegant princess dresses can perfectly match as wishes
– Collect the loving hearts, unlock more fancy dresses and decorations